Thanks @fitbit! #12wbt

Thanks @fitbit! #12wbt


Long-awaited Otter Pups Born at Taronga Zoo

Keepers at Australia’s Taronga Zoo are thrilled with the birth of two male Oriental Small-clawed Otter pups on January 24.

Learn more at Zooborns.

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decisions, decisions.. 


decisions, decisions.. 

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Chomp chomp chomp @sprocket_au #dog #pets #terrier

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Feelin’ sharp in my suit

Feelin’ sharp in my suit

SoKo - I'll Kill Her


SoKo - I’ll Kill Her

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National Youth Awards 2014 - Creating Pathways winner!

National Youth Awards 2014 – Creating Pathways winner!


A couple of days ago I was lucky to attend the National Youth Awards at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. I was a finalist in the “Creating Pathways” category for my work in community media education with SYN Media, the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and previously Radio Adelaide.

Much to my surprise – I won! It was a wonderful honour to be presented with the award…

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